Food is the most powerful
drug you can put in the
human body.

- Sean Torbati, Founder
High Performance Nutrition


HPN is committed to your health and
wellness goals and that starts
with your daily nutrition.

I have designed this calculator to take a decade of my nutrition coaching experience and give you the exact info you need to start a healthier and more effective nutrition plan tailored for your exact goals, TODAY.

Find Your Calories.

Imagine trying to get somewhere you’ve never been to before without a map. Chances are you would endlessly be driving around in circles non-stop not knowing what you’re doing. The same is true for dieting. Dieting is based upon one simple principle - calories in versus calories out. Knowing how many calories you should be consuming is a key for weight loss, healthy life style nutrition, or even building lean muscle.

Know Your Macros Too.

Figuring out the ins and outs of how your diet should be framed in terms of calories is hard enough. Add in the need to know how much protein, carbs, and fat you should consume on a daily basis; and it becomes even more tricky. The final step, taking one step further to use those macros and figure out how much of each to actually eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between can be yet again even more confusing.

Get a Game Plan.

This calculator is based on not only your individual goals and caloric needs; but also your diet style preference AND your lifestyle preference of how many meals you want to eat per day. My Nutrition & Lifestyle Calculator uses a given set of basic variables including your age, gender, size and activity. After determining your baseline number of calories, the calculator will then make adjustments based on:

  • - your activity levels
  • - your goals

From there we will use your selection of a preferred diet style and the number of meals you'd like to eat per day to create a personalized, and tailored daily nutritional outline for you!

Lets Get Started.

Use my Nutrition & Lifestyle
Calculator to find out exactly the
nutrition starting point for you.