The World Calisthenics Organization was created for Calisthenics Athletes by Calisthenics Athletes to elevate Calisthenics or What is commonly known as Street Workout into a professional series of competitions to Solidify Calisthenics as a Sport and bring it to the it to the forefront of Professional Competitions. The WCO was the First ever to hold a legitimate Calisthenics Competition with reach to nearly 37,000 onlookers at the LA Fit Expo January 2013. Battle of the Bars II @ The FitExpo NorCal on June 29-30, 2013 in Santa Clara Ca. was an absolute success with over 8,000 onlookers. Taking advantage of the exponentially growing Calisthenics Movement, they are far ahead of the curve in this category as they are the first and only Organization with this type of Structured Competition in the United States and abroad. WCO is the First to Market with the (1 on 1 ) Battle Style competition that includes the rounds system, weight categories, 10 point must system and new type of Scoring Criteria.

The World Calisthenics Organization also focuses on Education and training workshops. W.C.O has been teaching Workshops in the United States with great success and are branching out internationally with workshops taking place in Mexico with many more in the works. The WCO is also a active in community projects with the City of Compton being our Flag Ship model. This will be a great accomplishment in bringing back Physical activity to our inner city adult and youth population.

More information can be found on the WCO website at:

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HPN and the UNBA have partnered for 4 years in helping to promote and support natural bodybuilding, physique, figure, and bikini in the Southern California Area. The UNBA has over a decade of experience in putting on the highest quality natural, tested shows possible. This is a passion for HPN as well, so much so that we have put on the HPN Southern California Natural Championships 4 years in a row! Moving into 2017, HPN is officially teaming up with the UNBA to support their 3 Southern California shows. Please check out their website and if you're searching for the best Natural competitions in California, look no further.