Sean Torbati CSCS, NASM CPT is an experienced Nutrition Coach, with 8 years of experience in customized nutrition planning for individuals ranging from Olympic and Professional World Class Athletes looking to maximize performance and recovery through the power of nutrition to men and women that simply want to look better and live healthier, longer, and more productive lives.

Sean is also the CEO of High Performance Nutrition, a leader in the sports nutrition industry, setting the gold standard for quality, innovation, and finished product testing.


Sean has worked with Professional athletes in the: MLB NBA NFL NHL Collegiate and Olympic Athletes.

He has experience in all aspects/goals of nutrition planning including:

Performance nutrition for athletes
and hard training individuals

Fat loss while maintaining lean muscle mass

Building lean muscle mass

Contest Prep for Bodybuilding,
Bikini, Physique, Figure

Extreme Body Transformations
involving weight loss of 50lbs+